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How much of my fee do I receive/what is your discount?
Your office will receive a 100% pay-out for all loan requests at all credit levels. There is never a discount charged to your office! Additionally ask one of our customer service representatives about our advertising incentive for placement on your web site.

How is Funeral Loan Finance able to facilitate 100% pay-outs?
Simply put, whatever fees that are charged by the lender or finance companies to originate loans are added to the Borrower's base loan amount. Our Philosophy is, why should you have to pay the cost for one of your patients to get a loan to pay for your services?

Is Funeral Loan Finance the Lender or Finance Company?
NO! We choose to operate as a loan processing company that is not affiliated with any one particular lender or lender partner in order to offer your clients more options.

How and when am I paid?
Most of our lending partners will pay up to 7-14 days in advance, depending on the lender.

How do my Patients apply?
Your office will be supplied with applications and brochures. Patients can fill out the application and fax it or call in their application on our toll free phone number or apply online.
How do we sign up?
To use our service you'll simply need to fill out a Provider Information Sheet by clicking on "Click Here to Enroll Now" and someone from our customer service will contact you or enroll by calling 1-800-504-4053.

We hope this information has answered most of your questions. However, please feel free to contact us for any further information.

We look forward to earning your business!

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